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OpenChat is the main NZ Open Source Society (NZOSS) community mailing list. It is designated for any sort of discussion relevant to the NZOSS community. We intended it to be a place for open, thoughtful discussion of ideas and issues in accord with our mission: "share the freedom of open source software, open standards, and open information for the benefit of New Zealand."

Please be generous, civil, and focus on ideas not the person presenting them (ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated).

This OpenChat group on OnlineGroups.Net's (OGN) GroupServer is a more advanced mailing list manager than the old and trusty (but somewhat crusty) Mailman instance the NZOSS has been using for years to power our (now former) Open Chat list ( - many thanks to Mark Foster for his years of support, however we realise that it's a big ask for him to continue supporting the existing Mailman instance and OGN offers even better capabilities!

OGN is a) a proper NZ-based open source project and company (the hosting infrastructure is located in the US for cost reasons), and b) its GroupServer has far more advanced capabilities - including user configuration, web-services, structured content export, and searchable archives - than what our old Mailman list offers.

The NZOSS' use of this service is generously provided gratis by Dan Randow and the OGN team. Many thanks!

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